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When You Know, You Know - Tom Walker (2018)


This is a deeply personal and heart-warming portrayal of how Tom found his significant other and the signs which helped him recognise this, along the way. Through his narrative, Tom explains the trials and tribulations of the dating game: the disappointment, meeting people with who you have no chemistry, and the loneliness which can sometimes ensue from constant dating, until he is fortunate enough to meet his other half, Jess.
This was a lovely, meaningful read. Tom is very intuitive in his depiction of the dating game and the path he travelled on his passage to find true love. He recounts his own experiences in a very personable and relatable manner. As well as giving his experiences on navigating the ups and downs of the dating game, Tom also imparts his advice on how to keep an existing relationship fresh: how not to take each other for granted and also how love changes over the course of time and the importance of growing together as a couple to keep the spark alive.
Highly perceptive, very intuitive and intelligently written, this was a delight from start to finish. Love is one of the most intense experiences which a human can undergo and this book is a testament to it and its many facets. (LP)



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