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 Lost Along the Way - Erin DuffyHere's To Us - Elin Hilderbrand

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On the Other Side  Carrie Hope Fletcher

Evie needs to unburden herself of secrets she has kept from her loved ones during her life.

Pasta Wars - Elisa Lorello

Pasta Pronto busineswoman Katie must partner with Italian Luca to regain her customers.

Truly Madly Guilty  Liane Moriarty

An incident occurs at a backyard barbecue that has repercussions for all those involved.

Break in Case of Emergency - Jessica Winter

Jen gets hired to work for a foundation that aims to empower women everywhere.

The Regulars - Georgia Clark

What are friends Evie, Krista and Willow willing to sacrifice to be pretty via a magic liquid?


The Stranger in My Home by Adele Parks

The daughter Alison brought home from hospital 15 years ago belongs to someone else.

Searching for a Silver Lining by Miranda Dickinson

Matilda's left heartbroken when she falls out with her beloved grandfather just before he dies.

We Were on a Break - Lindsey Kelk

Have Adam and Liv split up or are they on a break and will find their way back to one another?

Soulmates by Jessica Grose

Like her husband's death, Dana discovers that their relationship wasn't what it appeared to be.

Now That It's You - Tawna Fenske

Meg's bestselling aphrodisiac cookbook has spawned a legal battle with her ex's family.

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The Art of Keeping Secrets by Rachael Johns

AUSTRALIAN MADE: Felicity, Emma and Neve share everything ... or so they thought.

The Bridesmaids series by  Erin Lawless

NOVELLA NEWS: With her four bridesmaids hiding secrets, how will Nora's big day go?

Catch 26 by Carol Prisant

MAKING HER DEBUT: Frannie will soon learn how dangerous a deal with the devil can be.

Awful By Comparison by Patricia Caliskan

MAKING HER DEBUT: After a row, Jennifer heads to New York for her sister's wedding.

Dan And Nat Got Married  by Jon Rance

ONE FROM THE BOYS: On stag and hen weekends in Las Vegas, Dan and Nat wake up married.


The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Lucy and Joshua hate each other. Now up for the same promotion, their battle of wills has come to a head.


The Lost Cats and Lonely Hearts Club by Nic Tatano

When video of Madison caring for kittens goes viral, her image as a hardnosed reporter is ruined.


 Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies - Laura Stampler

Harper applies for a magazine internship using her friend's dating experiences as her own.


Former country music star Diana is reunited with her old college friends, psychologist Eve and southern socialite Lucy.

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