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The Finding of Martha Lost - Caroline Wallace (2016)


Set in Liverpool during the 1970s, the novel is narrated around the true story of Mal Evans, a close friend of the Beatles. Martha Lost was abandoned at Liverpool Lime Street Station when she was three months old and since then she has lived there. Now she is 16 years old, she has never left the station and has been working in the Lost Property Office with her God-fearing adoptive mother helping people finding what they have lost. Martha has a secret power: when she touches something lost and abandoned, she can see where it was left and by whom. Together with her colorful friends, the cheerful coffee owner Elizabeth, the Roman soldier George Harris, the outcast William, and the dangerous but charming Max, she will go in search of her birth-mother before it is too late and at the same time she will try to recover the lost ashes of Mal Evans. Martha is an extravagant and optimistic teenager who believes in fairy tales and is looking for her true identity. Romantic, moving and evocative, I was completely engrossed by this book. (NP)

Rating 8/10


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