Televenge - Pamela King Cable (2012)

Andie Oliver is a faithful woman - to God, to her husband Joe, and to televangelist Reverend Calvin Artury. Andie's dreams of a beautiful home, children and a happy marriage are shattered when Joe is hired by the ministry team of Artury's House of Praise. As Joe gets sucked further into the ministry, Andie is determined to get them out of the cult and delves into the immorality and debauchery that lies beneath the polished veneer of Reverend Artury's church. Her childhood friend Mavis seems to hold the key, but what happens to Mavis shocks Andie to the core and rocks the very foundations of her life. As she becomes more of a threat to Artury, the power he wields becomes clear, and suddenly Andie is fighting for her existence as everything she loves is torn from her. Forced into hiding, she plots her revenge on the Reverend, and threatens to expose the House of Praise and the depraved acts that go on beneath the shadows of the cult. If you are looking for a light read, this book is not for you. As I am personally not a very religious person, I had doubts as to whether this book would be for me, but I was intrigued by the storyline, and I wasn't disappointed. This action-packed thriller was a real pageturner, and delved deep into the hidden realities of evangelism. Andie was a very strong protagonist, who knew her own mind and was not fooled by Artury, who claimed to be the second coming of Christ. She could easily have been a 'doormat' type of character, who let others walk all over her, but in the face of extreme adversity and danger she refused to back down, and I had to admire her for that. There were many unexpected twists throughout the novel that gave it new depths and kept it interesting. The only negative that I found was that there were many Bible quotes and scripture readings, which while they were appropriate considering the setting of the storyline, may be somewhat off-putting to a reader who may not be very religious like myself. Overall it was a well-written book, with a very exciting and intriguing storyline, dealing with some very heavy subject matter. (LO)

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