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Having It And Eating It (2003)

Claire Masterson had the best life - she was gorgeous, had charming actor parents and was the first at anything and everything Maggie Owen dreamt to be. Twenty years have passed, and Maggie is now leading a busy but dreary life taking care of her two sons, toddler Fergus and baby Dan, along with her workaholic partner Jake, who works as an advertising executive. When she bumps into Claire on the streets again, Maggie finds that she hasn't changed at all - still as attractive and leading a glamorous life in New York and having multiple flings with married men. After a party at Claire's house, Maggie's suspicions are aroused when Jake appears to get more than friendly with Claire. This book deals with infidelity in a somehow different way but as the plot moves on, it gets fairly predictable. (XT)

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