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Virgin (2014)

University student Ellie believes she is probably the only 21-year-old virgin out there. And it's not that she hasn't tried, she just seems to have had bad luck on that front. Without a boyfriend on the horizon - and one awful near-miss experience to her name - Ellie is determined to go out and lose it via a one-night stand. But things don't turn out as she planned. So Ellie, an aspiring writer, starts an anonymous blog with her well-experienced friend Emma talking about everything from waxing mishaps to doing it at that time of the month. This book will no doubt polarise readers. It is obviously rather crude due to its subject matter and Ellie is so obsessed with sex that, as a character, she doesn't really develop beyond that. But this no-holds-barred look at a girl coming to grips with her budding sexuality is well-written and refreshingly funny.

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