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Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses - Carole Matthews (2016)


Single mum Christie has a long, tiring commute to her job in London each day but it’s a well-paid position and she gets on fabulously with her boss. But her real passion is crafting – making cards and other handmade items - and she is often joined in her artistic endeavours by her teen son, Finn, who is having to spend a lot of time off school due to illness. When Christie gets the opportunity of a lifetime, her juggling of work, crafting and parenthood will be severely tested – in more ways than one. This was a delightful story - I really warmed to Christie and her son and loved reading all about paper crafting.

Rating 7/10

Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses, by Carole Matthews, centres around a woman getting a new start through her passion for crafts. The synopsis says: "Christie Chapman is a single working mother who spends her days commuting to her secretarial job in London and looking after her teenage son, Finn. It can be tough just getting through the day but Christie has always found comfort in her love of crafting and any spare time she has is spent in her parents' summerhouse working on her beautiful creations.
From intricately designed birthday cards to personalised gifts, Christie's flair for the handmade knows no bounds and it's not long before opportunity comes knocking. All of a sudden Christie sees a different future for her and Finn - one full of hope and possibility, and if the handsome Max Alexander is to be believed, one full of love too. It's all there for the taking.
And then, all of sudden, Christie's world is turned upside down. Christie knows that something has to give, but what will she choose? Will she give up her dreams and the chance of real love? What price will she pay for doing the right thing? Can Christie find her happy ending in Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses?" Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses is out in December 2016.

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