This is the pen-name of Chrissie Manby.

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Temptation (2010)

Three women from different stages and circumstances of life are about to find their lives collide when they each realise they are determined to get what they deserve. Temptation is written like an opera and is centred around the opera world. Singers Cosima and husband/ex-husband Nolan are back on tour together and stalked by crazed fanatics. Juliet attends the opera to get closer to her married boss whom she has been having an affair with for the past five years. Then there's Mercy, a cleaner who dreams of becoming an opera star. When the men in these three women's lives betray them, it's time to stop giving in to their whims and time for them to give into their own temptations and have some fun. These women's temptations lead them through a journey of love, affairs, jealousy, passion and death threats - and proves that hell has no fury like a woman scorned. (PP)

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