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Searching For Spice (2008)

Linda Revere has a steady job as a photographer, two teenage kids and a husband, Jerry, who works as a no-nonsense science teacher at the community college. One day Linda discovers via a magazine quiz that the passion has definitely left her marriage. Realising she longs for a sizzling affair with the guy she fell in love with 25 years ago, instead problems with their children, her boss, customers, the family dog and personal health keep getting in the way. Linda has romantic dreams of sitting on the porch with Jerry surrounded by a lush garden with twinkling lights on the bordering Aspen trees, sipping pale nectar from china goblets and listening to music from the 70s - instead she finds herself dancing with Betty, her vacuum cleaner. Then a family crisis sees the couple taking opposite sides and Linda prays to God to help give her what she's been longing for in her marriage. (PP)

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