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Falling Together (2011)

Pen Calloway hasn't seen her best friends from college, Will and Cat, since they walked out of her life six years earlier. Suddenly, she receives a desperate email from Cat asking to meet at their college reunion. Despite the end of their friendship and all that has happened in her life since college, Pen has never stopped missing her friends and wanting to reconnect with them. The reunion she is hoping for, however, is not to be as she discovers the email wasn't from Cat after all. What happens next catapults Pen, her daughter, Augusta, Will and Cat's husband across the globe in search of their friend and the truth. In a story that vacillates between past and present, we learn about the friendship between Pen, Cat and Will, their individual lives and finally the details of what broke them apart. Marisa de los Santos writes with care and wit, bringing her characters to life and making their journey around the world one of vivid discovery. A story of true friendship and realisation of what is meant to be in life. (LEK)

Love Walked In (2005)

From the moment I started reading this book, I was hooked. Thinking this was going to be your typical fun, light chick lit read where a "30-something girl meets the man of her dreams," I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was so much more than I expected. Cornelia Brown is a romantic. Her idea of the perfect man is Cary Grant. When he walks into her cafe in the form of Martin Grace, she feels her life is about to change. What she doesn't realise is just how much your life can change once you open your heart to love. But Cornelia's romance with Martin doesn't last. However, her relationship with his estranged daughter, Clare, goes above and beyond her expectations. Through life's ups and downs, beautifully written in alternating chapters, Cornelia and Clare discover they have a special bond and try to figure out how their love can exist in today's highly categorised world. I finished the book wanting more; to know what happens with these wonderful characters after our brief glance into their lives. A must-read for anyone who likes a well-written story and characters you can't stop thinking about long after you've finished the book. (LEK)

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