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Faking It (2011)

For Katie Lewis, fame wasn't something she wanted or dreamed of. But it was what she got when her actor boyfriend, Jack Hunter, suddenly dumps her via text and trots off for a public relationship with the IT girl of the moment, Jessica Hilson. Katie quickly finds herself on the paparazzi's radar and the subsequent pictures of her behind (complete with cheap Tesco knickers) splashed across the tabloids aren't at all flattering. So Katie's PR colleagues want to make her over from head to toe and tell that horrible, egotistic ex of hers where to go. Soon, Katie is attending glamorous parties on the arms of the most eligible men in the country and dressing in Valentino and Donna Karen instead of Tesco and Primark. But, what Katie doesn't know is that someone is out to make a big profit all at her expense. When you're thrown into the world of celebrity, it's hard to tell who you can and can't trust - and this is especially true in Katie's case. But can she trust the one man who has stolen her heart? Or is she set for public heartbreak yet again? This is a brilliant debut, which starts off a little dicey but soon picks up. Katie is just like the girl-next-door, who can't seem to keep herself from disaster, but manages to look good in the end nevertheless. It's guaranteed to bring lots of laughter into any drab day. (AS)

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