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Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights (2006)

In this second book in the series, Sophie Katz just can't seem to keep out of trouble. Danger and intrigue seem to follow her wherever she goes and just a short time after her first murderous adventure wraps up, she is suddenly thrust into another one. The husband of Sophie's sister, Leah, has been unfaithful and the day he tells her he is leaving her for another, younger woman, he is mysteriously found dead in their lavish home. Immediately all signs point to Leah, she had motive and she had opportunity but Sophie sees that it's just not in her sister's nature to do something like this. Quickly, using her own money, she hires her somewhat enemy Anatoly, the Russian P.I. whose body she can't seem to keep out of her mind for too long. Unfortunately for her, he seems to hold a grudge against her. This story quickly turns out to be more complex than it seems at first as the late husband's many mistresses are revealed and the body count begins to grow. In classic Kyra Davis style Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights is a hilarious mystery novel which manages to balance the right amount of romance and intrigue. (SN)

So Much For My Happy Ending (2006)

When department store manager April Silverperson's boyfriend Tad Showers unexpectedly surprises her with a marriage proposal after dating for only three months, she thinks that the fairytale ending she has always anticipated has arrived. Tad is the man of her dreams - witty, incredibly romantic, ambitious and most importantly, her source of stability and security. However, after the wedding, April starts to find that things are not what they seem on the surface as Tad's true colours emerge. This book is a drift from the mainstream chick lit books about marriage as it gives a deep insight into how the main protagonist deals with her husband's bipolar disorders, obsessive and eccentric behaviours; it also raises an interesting point about the lack of understanding between couples, whether it would lead to the same outcome as Tad and April. However, on the downside, the plot is kind of predictable and gets draggy and boring at certain points. (XT)

Sex, Murder and a Double Latte (2005)

All over the country people are beginning to be murdered and mystery writer Sophie Katz knows she's next. It starts with the phone calls, then the break-in. Of course the police don't believe her but she recognises the signs. Someone is trying to kill her in the exact way she killed a character in one of her books. But who could it be? Anatoly, her new Russian love hunk? Her best friend's weird new boyfriend who keeps popping up wherever she goes? Or a complete stranger? Sophie realises it's up to her to save her own life. In this witty, suspenseful novel that starts off the very successful Sophie Katz series, Kyra Davis manages to mix girl power, romance, and a little mystery all into one hilarious bundle. (SN)

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