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Love Remains (2010)

Are you in the mood for a little romance, arguments and matchmaking? When a group of old high school friends get talking one day after church, they decide it's high time that their grandchildren should get married, so this group of 80-year-old women strike up a bet - to see who can get their grandchildren married off first. It seems that Kiki and Melinda may be in the lead as Melinda's grandson Bobby and Kiki's grandaughter Zarah are reunited for a possible second chance at love. But it appears criminal investigator Bobby may have a motive to spend time with Zarah. Will Zarah be able to move beyond past hurts and does Bobby have a contender in the race for Zarah's affections in his new friend Patrick? Who will win Zarah's heart and will Kiki and Melinda win the bet? This is the first book in The Matchmakers series. (PP)

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