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Honeymoon Suite - Wendy Holden (2016)


PR agent Nell and bestselling debut author Dylan meet – accidentally – when she is on a blind date. This meeting triggers adverse, life-changing events for both and eventually their paths cross again, when Nell goes to stay at a country hotel with a friend, Rachel, and her Agatha Christie-obsessed daughter, Juno. The last person she expects – or wants - to see is Dylan, who is now hiding out in the area. Refusing to write ever again, he is working as a gardener and has changed his name to Adam. Best read without looking at the official blurb, this is a rollicking read, incorporating a vivid cast of characters, including the HR tyrant Angela and the alluring gardener Dan. And of course there’s an Agatha Christie-inspired revenge plot.

Rating 7/10

Honeymoon Suite is a new rural rom-com by Wendy Holden. The synopsis says: "When Nell is marooned at the altar, her feisty best friend Rachel says she'll come with her on honeymoon instead. Why waste a week in a posh country hotel?
So the duo, plus Rachel's Agatha Christie-obsessed small daughter Juno, head for the hills and idyllic Edenville, on the edge of the beautiful Pemberton estate. Awaiting them is a cast of colourful characters from Jason the harassed hotel manager to the ruthless Angela, Director of HR. Not to mention the handsome Dylan, a bestselling writer on the run from his past.
Nell doesn't want to go back to London, so when a job on the estate comes up, she's happy to stay. Even if it is arranging weddings in the Big House! As she becomes entangled in the lives of the locals - and they weave their way into her heart - she realises there might be a way to reach the rainbow's end after all." Honeymoon Suite is out in October 2016.

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