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The Household Guide to Dying (2008)

Delia Bennet is a domestic advice columnist who is about to write her last household guide . . . on dying. Diagnosed with breast cancer two years earlier, the prognosis now is not good. The idea for the final guide came to her as she was writing lists to help her husband and two young daughters cope after her death. The highly organised, ever-efficient Delia prepares by teaching her daughters how to make the perfect cup of tea, writing out a cake recipe for their weddings, ordering her coffin and choosing the last book to read. But Delia also needs to put some issues from her past to rest so she heads back to the town where she lived as a teenage mother. Told with humour, gutsiness and emotion, it is a gripping book. And the impending death of the main character isn't even the part that will have you sobbing the most. Don't let the drab cover, grim title or even the details about chickens, pegs and blood sausages put you off, this is one book you won't regret reading.

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