The Christmas List, a short story ebook by Chrissie Manby, is about a woman who seems to be getting her wishes granted this Christmas. The summary says: "It's the 1st of December and Milly Arnold is facing a miserable Noel. Newly single, the last thing she wants to do is join her settled sister and her young family for the first of their traditions: the writing of the Christmas lists. However Milly's nephews have other ideas and insist she writes a list of her own (with illustrations to help Father Christmas decipher her terrible handwriting). Milly duly makes a request for a bunch of flowers, a kitten, and a heartfelt declaration of love. She doesn't expect to get any of them. However, the following day, a bunch of flowers duly appears. They were sent to the wrong address but the florist says Milly can keep them. And when Milly somehow gains custody of a puppy just a couple of days later (her nephews had complained that her picture of a cat looked like a dog), she begins to wonder if there's something in this Christmas cosmic ordering. However, as Christmas gets closer and the items Milly requested appear in increasingly unexpected ways, she starts to worry that Santa might be taking her list just a little too literally."

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