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 Five Years From Now - Paige ToonThe After Wife - Cass Hunter

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 The Wedding Date – Zara Stoneley

Maid of honour Sam's ex will be at the wedding so she hires a man for the occasion.

Those Other Women – Nicola Moriarty

Poppy creates a Facebook group for others like her - women who embrace a child-free lifestyle.

 Gone Viking – Helen Russell

Alice finds herself in Denmark, in the middle of nowhere, on a How to be a Viking getaway.

The Sunday Lunch Club – Juliet Ashton

Every few Sundays, Anna and her extended family and friends get together for lunch.

  The Wildflowers by Harriet Evans

The Wilde family comes to the coast every summer to stay at their holiday house.


The Wish by Alex Brown

Perhaps if young Holly wishes hard enough, her one wish might come true.

Do This For Me by Eliza Kennedy

A bombshell phone call throws ambitious lawyer Raney's well-ordered existence into chaos.

Regrets Only by Erin Duffy

Claire join forces with friends to rebrand a stationery store and turn it into a thriving business.

A Family Recipe by Veronica Henry

Feeling lost, Laura turns to her greatest comfort: her grandmother's recipe box.

How (Not) to Date a Prince -  Zoe May

When journalist Sam is asked to cover the royal wedding, it's the last thing she wants to do.

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The Book Ninja by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus

AUSTRALIAN MADE: Frankie plants books on trains to lure the well-read man of her dreams.

My Big Greek Summer by Sue Roberts

BEACH READ: Mandy heads to a Greek island, ready for a second chance at happiness.

The Glitch by Elisabeth Cohen

MAKING HER DEBUT: A younger version of Shelley appears, causing a glitch in her life.

Family And Other Catastrophes - Alexandra Borowitz

MAKING HER DEBUT: Bride Emily wants to keep as far away from her crazy relatives as she can.

The Upside of Over by J.D. Barrett

AUSTRALIAN MADE: A popular identity goes from reading the news to being the news.


In Search of Us by Maria Duffy

When their mother Belinda passes away, a secret is revealed about the twins' father which changes everything.


A Home at Honeysuckle Farm - Christie Barlow

With her life in tatters, there's only one place Alice wants to be... at Honeysuckle Farm.


Little Broken Things - Nicole Baart

Quinn is surprised when her older sister Nora calls out of the blue asking to meet her and leaving a young girl behind.


 Alpha Mail by Brenda Rothert

Sienna runs Alpha Mail, which allows women to sign up for messages from an alpha male.

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