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Welcome to Chicklit Club - a site especially for anyone wanting to know everything about chick lit books. With more than 3500 rated titles, 1000 authors and about 250 interviews . . . this is the one-stop site for readers needing their fix of chick lit.

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1-3 - Recommend it to an enemy.

4 - There goes a few hours you'll never get back.

5 - Average but with some redeeming bits.

6 - Will entertain but not rock you.

7 - Worth recommending to a friend.

8 - You'll find this hard to put down.

9-10 - Absolutely brilliant. Why didn't I write this?

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Classic Reads looks at those must-read titles that have helped define chick lit over the past decade or so.

Dream Themes and Multiple Choice are the places to go if you like reading by theme or can't wait for the sequel.

And because we're from Down Under, there's a special Australian Made section for those wanting to catch up with homegrown authors and books.

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