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Review Guidelines

We always appreciate receiving books to review from authors and publishers. Due to the sheer volume of requests, please follow our guidelines to increase the chances of us being able to review your book.

Have you:
- Told us your author name and book title
- Included your back cover blurb (what your story is about) within the body of the email
- Followed our guidelines
- Understood that we won't be dropping everything to deal with your amazing book right this second?

THEN FIRE AWAY! We look forward to hearing from you.

Guest posts and blog tours

We accept guest posts and participate in author blog tours on our associated blog, Connect. For submission guidelines and to find out what we can and can't do for you as part of a blog tour, head to our Connect About Us page.
(Editors: Jody Hoekstra, Katherine Marks)
We also accept submissions for articles on writing, publishing and blogging for our We Heart Writing website.
(Editor: Jade Craddock)
Please note there is no payment for articles.


Many of the books reviewed on Chicklit Club have been received free from the publisher or author and are kept by the reviewer.
Contributors are expected not to be swayed by free product in giving their fair and honest review.
Images used on this site are copyright to the original owner. Since they are used to promote authors and their books, we use photos that are commonly found on author, publisher, book seller and social media sites. However, if there is a photo that belongs to you and you want a picture credit posted, please email us with the link and details. If for some reason you do not wish for it to appear on the site at all, please let us know so it can be taken down.


All prizes are sent directly to the winners by the publisher, publicist or author. The Chicklit Club takes no responsibility for the delivery of prizes. Entrants must supply your full name and mailing address with your email entry. Winners, please allow 8 weeks for delivery of prize. If you have still not received your prize, email Steph and we will follow up with the original promoter to see if they will repost item to you. We are unable to personally supply you with another prize.

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