Santa Baby - Katie Price (2011)

Angel Summer and her husband, Cal, are fairly happy. They have one beautiful child and would like to have another in the near future. But that idea is put on the back burner when Angel meets her half-sister, Tiffany, and the two gel together like glue. Tiffany soon lands a job on Angel's TV show, which works out well for both girls. However, Angel's bodyguard, Sean, isn't so welcoming to Tiffany since it's his job to be protective of Angel at all times. When he finally feels like he can let his guard down - at a Christmas party at Angel's home - danger strikes. Will Angel, Cal and Tiffany be alright or will Sean's misstep haunt them all forever? This is one of those guilty pleasures that you can't quite decide if you love or hate. Some parts are really well written, while others aren't. It is, however, addictive and will leave you wanting to know what happens next to Katie Price's most famous characters. (AS)

Here's the cover of Katie Price's upcoming release Santa Baby, which will feature all the names of those fans who tried to help her break the Guinness World Record for book signing in July. The summary says: "'I thought Tiffany should know that she has a half sister. She's Angel Summer - the famous model.' With these few words from the mother who gave her away, aspiring stylist and pizza waitress Tiffany Taylor's life is turned upside down. As soon as they meet, Angel and Tiff feel as if they've known each other for years, and before she knows it, Tiffany is working as a stylist on Angel's TV makeover program, and going out with Raul, a Brazilian racing driver who has all the girls weak with lust. If only Angel's seriously sexy bodyguard Sean could be as welcoming. Obviously he has things on his mind, like the kidnap threat hanging over Angel and her daughter Honey, but would it kill him to loosen up a bit?As everyone gathers at Angel and Cal's mansion for a big Christmas celebration, Sean's defences finally drop. But as he relaxes, the danger moves closer, and Tiffany finds herself in terrible danger. " Santa Baby is out in October.

Katie Price is releasing a Christmas themed follow-up to her series about glamour model turned WAG Angel. The summary of Santa Baby says: "Angel and Cal are settled into a happy life in Sussex. Angel is the host of a hugely popular style show, while Cal is making a name for himself in football management. Angel doesn't think life can get any better. Until Tiffany, the sister she never knew she had, turns up on her doorstep. The two hit it off straight away, and Angel helps Tiffany fulfill her dream of becoming a stylist. But not everyone is as delighted by Tiffany's arrival. With death threats against Angel and Cal circulating, Angel's bodyguard Sean can't help feeling that her appearance in Angel's life is too much of a coincidence. Tiffany tries to ignore Sean's suspicions, she can't let him ruin the wonderful new life she has with her new-found family. And anyway, she's very busy with her new career and her new boyfriend, the gorgeously sexy Raul, a Formula 1 racing driver. Then, just before Christmas, Angel invites Tiffany to move in with her and Cal. It's what she's always wanted. But the threats haven't gone away, and while Tiffany is in the house alone one day, she finds herself in real danger ... " Santa Baby is out in October.

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