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Vanity - Lucy Lord (2013)

Poppy seems to have it all: new husband, fabulous TV career in New York, leaving best friend Bella jealous in London. But it doesn't take long for Poppy to realise that whilst her star is ascending, her husband is starting to spiral out of control. Natalia has wealth that means she can buy anything, except that is an escape from her past. Will she be able to face her past or keep running away from anything that could make her happy? Sam's glamour modelling secret is discovered by her fellow students at university and she finds comfort with a new group of friends who accept her no matter what. Vanity is the tale of young, beautiful media types set amongst the backdrop of New York, St Tropez, Ibiza and London. It's a fascinating insight into a world you usually don't get to see. This is the sequel to the novel Revelry, which I haven't read, and so the first few chapters are geared to recapping the contents of that book. If you haven't read Revelry it can be confusing in the beginning because there are a large number of characters whose backstory you're introduced to in very quick succession. Overall it's a good, easy beach read. (AB)

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