Working It - Kendall Ryan (2013)

Emmy Clarke has finally landed the job of her dreams working at the all-male model agency, Status Models. Unfortunately her boss is the dictatorial Fiona Stone. But never mind, Emmy is determined to leave behind her small-town roots and make something of herself in New York. And it's not all bad, there's plenty of male models to ogle, not least Status' leading man, Ben Shaw, who Emmy has found to her distraction is even better looking in real life. And for some reason Ben seems interested in Emmy, but Fiona seems to have more than a professional interest in Ben herself. Spending three months in Paris with the pair is certainly going to be interesting. One of the steamiest New Adult reads yet, Working It definitely has that aspect covered. And there's plenty more going for this novel. Fiona makes for a great villain, although her relationship with Ben, and in particular her actions in the final section leading to the climax of the story, are wholly circumspect. The world of modelling and the setting of Paris is really alluring, although the focus is very much on Ben and Emmy's relationship, so there's not as much of this context as there could be. Whilst Ben is sure to win fans left, right and centre, Emmy was sometimes a bit too weak and forgiving, but can you really blame her?! A strong, sexy and glamorous read, the sequel Craving Him should offer lots more to enjoy.

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