Wonder Women - Rosie Fiore (2013)

Starting her own business has always been a dream of Jo's, one that she thinks won't happen after the arrival of her two gorgeous toddlers. The idea she has in mind is a kids clothing shop with a twist. Will Jo's new venture take off or will reversing roles with her husband be too much to handle? Holly and Mel spring into Jo's life in the shape of her new sales assistants. They become more than new recruits though, they become lifelines and friends. South Africa had turned sour for Holly and back in London family life brings things to a head. Meanwhile Mel's teenager daughter is spoiling their close relationship by hiding changes in her life. Can these women survive these obstacles? I first discovered Rosie Fiore when I read her first book, Babies in Waiting which in my opinion was one of the best debut novels out there. I loved the idea for this new book and felt it was unique. In my opinion Jo's husband was a bit too perfect, always doing things right and not putting a foot wrong but I still enjoyed reading about him. Especially when he decides to pursue his passion for being creative and the many struggles he faced being a stay-at-home dad. (KD)

Rosie Fiore has written a sequel to Wonder Women in the form of an ebook novella, Holly at Christmas. The summary says: "Christmas comes but once a year . . . unless your name is Holly Evans. She'll be experiencing Christmas four times over. In the course of one year, Holly will see the festive season in all its guises, from the sizzling to the stressful to the hopelessly romantic. After a rollercoaster couple of years and a three-month holiday in South Africa, Holly is on her way back to London. She has a firm plan for her life - career, money, home, romance - it's all worked out. Except it looks like nobody let the universe know that. Almost as soon as she touches down in England, Holly's plans begin to go awry. With no flat, no job and dwindling finances, Holly will need to be brave and resourceful in order to build herself a new life. And what about handsome doctor Fraser John? Where does he fit into her plans? And does he really want to catch Holly under the mistletoe?"

Wonder Women, by Rosie Fiore, is a story about a group of women starting a retail business together. The summary says: "Living in suburban North London and raising a young family, Jo and Lee have ended up light years away from their youthful ambitions. Then Jo comes up with a concept for a children's clothing shop. Working with Holly and Mel, Jo turns her idea into a high street reality - Jungletown. The shop is a runaway success, and Jo and Lee have to balance her new business and his career with their family life. But when a wonderful new opportunity comes along for Jo, something has to give. Holly thought she had it all and lost it, overnight. Now she's come back to London to rebuild her life - but it seems there are plenty of life-changing shocks to come. Mel is struggling to communicate with her wayward teenage daughter, and she's prepared to go to extreme lengths to protect Serena from herself. For all four, the creation of Jungletown will bring them to a crossroads. But where do they go from there?"

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