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Always the Bridesmaid (2004)

Cate Padgett has been in many weddings - as a bridesmaid. To be exact, she has been a bridesmaid in four weddings over just a few months. Her closet is bursting with expensive polyester bridesmaid dresses with matching dyed shoes and she has had just about enough of photographers telling her to tilt her head this way and that. To top it off, Cate finds herself dealing with a drunk ex of the bride-to-be who is determined to crash the wedding and confess his love, soap opera style! Through all the "I dos" Cate has to work through her own questionable relationship with her distant boyfriend Paul, manage to make it to all her required home visits of the kindergarten class she teaches, and wonder why she has a strange feeling in her stomach every time she sees her old friend, Ethan. For anyone who has ever stood on the sidelines and wondered, 'what about me?' this book will have you supporting Cate the whole way and wanting more when it ends . . . Luckily, there is a sequel! (JE)

Here Comes the Bride (2006)

Cate Padgett is back and she is no longer a bridesmaid - she is the bride! Having fallen in love with Ethan, an old friend and caterer of the many weddings she was a bridesmaid in, it is Cate's turn to put on the white dress and walk down the aisle. But it won't be so easy. Not only does Ethan's ex-girlfriend show up, Cate's mum has her own ideas for planning the wedding and Cate is finding it hard to voice her own opinion. To add more chaos to the mix, Ethan's cousin has so many demands you would think she is the bride. All Cate wants to do is marry her one true love, but first she has to find her missing engagement ring, get through the pre-cana weekend, and find the patience to deal with the remodelling of her home. This is a sequel that does not disappoint and shows the strength of a relationship when your true love is also your best friend. (JE)

First Comes Love (2007)

First comes love, then comes marriage ... then comes a baby in a baby carriage? As Cate Padgett is no longer a perennial bridesmaid but a happily married wife to Ethan, she is no longer feeling the pressure of getting married but is instead feeling the pressure to have a baby. Just settling into married life with Ethan, Cate is surrounded by friends who have had babies or who are about to, and all the kid talk has her wondering, does she want to be a mother? With their catering business taking off and Denise (yes the crazy cousin from Here Comes the Bride) getting married, Cate wonders when all the madness will end. But Cate and Ethan will soon be faced with their own little surprise and new challenges. The last book in the Cate Padgett series allows the reader to see Ethan and Cate's relationship come full circle and ends with a new addition to their family. Like the previous two novels in the series, the relate-able characters and circumstances have the reader emotionally involved the whole read and this wonderfully wraps up a beautiful love story. (JE)

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