White Lie Christmas - Christine Bell and Riley Murphy (2013)

Leah loves her parents dearly and to stop them worrying about her being lonely, made up a little white lie about having a gorgeous fiance. When they announce that they are returning to town for the holidays and to meet the elusive Mick, who she has loosely based on her business partner, she is horrified and eventually is forced into confessing her dilemma to Mick. An expert at problem solving, he willingly agrees to stand in for her 'fiance'. They rehearse the details that Leah has told her parents about Mick and arrange a night out to introduce him to her parents and sister. So begins the deception and what a recipe for disaster! This is a light-hearted and humorous romantic story, easy to read and enjoyable. There are several interesting developments and twists and turns along the way that make you keep turning the pages. Alongside this comical situation there are a few more serious issues, making the story all the more interesting. (JH)


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