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Love In Translation (2009)

Meet Celeste Duncan, she has no family, a dead-end career and a boyfriend who won't do anything due to a perfection complex. Out of the blue, Celeste receives a phone call telling her that an aunt has passed away, which Celeste thinks is odd since she has been in foster care since the age of 10 when the system couldn't find any living relatives. Over the next few days, she receives a box of heirlooms that might just lead her to the question she's been asking all her life - who is my father? On an impulse, Celeste catches a plane to Japan where she meets a mixture of characters including the Kubotas, her homestay family; Mariko, her crazy Japanese language instructor; and Sakuri Santora, the host of a TV show and the ex-girlfriend of Takuya (the guy Celeste accidentally asked to marry). (PP)

Midori by Moonlight (2007)

Thirty-year-old Midori Saito feels she has never fitted into Japanese life so when the opportunity comes to head to San Francisco to marry Kevin, she jumps at the chance. But at their engagement party, he dumps her for his blonde ex, Kimberley. With her smattering of English supplemented by watching daytime soaps, a dwindling savings account and a visa about to expire, Midori turns to Kevin's Japanese-born friend, Shinji, for help. He lets her move in with him, while the aspiring pastry chef works out how she's going to stay in America. You'll laugh at Midori's mixed idioms as she finds herself 'up the creek without a saddle' and root for her as Midori and her soap-inspired alter-ego searches for her American Dream - and the perfect dessert.

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