This is pseudonym of Wendy Corsi Staub.

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Mike, Mike and Me (2005)

Back in the 1980s, TV production assistant Beau found herself torn between two men - her high school sweetheart Mike and a wannabe actor also called Mike who she met at an airport bar. With boyfriend Mike not wanting to live in New York, she is drawn to the other guy who loves the city. One she married, the other she left behind. Now years later, with her marriage under strain and the other Mike back in contact, she is wondering if she made the right choice. Alternating between past and present, the story only reveals at the end which Mike she married.

Once Upon a Blind Date (2004)

New Yorker Maggie thinks it's time for her best friend Dominic to settle down. Meanwhile Charlie had registered his single neighbour, pastry chef Julie, on an internet dating site. Both are coerced into meeting each other at a Knicks game and the matchmakers tag along to make sure everything goes OK. But guess who ends up falling for each other? OK, it takes a bit longer than that but that's pretty much the story. Only problem is Maggie is already with someone else, a doctor who's off saving lives. And Charlie's getting over a broken engagement and is now a confirmed bachelor. Dominic and his Chickalini family appear in several other Markham novels.

Slightly Single (2002)

Tracey Spadolini isn't so different from other 20-something New Yorkers trying to find their place in the city. She isn't thrilled to go to work where she is a secretary for a boss who thinks her most important job is running his personal errands. Her non-air-conditioned apartment without furniture leaves much to be desired and her boyfriend of three years, Will, the self-proclaimed next great American actor, is about to leave her behind for the summer. As Tracey ponders how she will survive the summer heat, she decides to spend the time reinventing herself. Surrounded by colourful friends who add character to a somewhat run-of-the-mill story, this book may be a pleasant read but it lacks the depth and originality of a great story. (JE)

Slightly Settled (2004)

Tracey Spadolini is back and oh, how her world has changed. She is back at her job with a new boss and a new title. With her dream of becoming a copywriter actually within sight and a boss who doesn't make her run his personal errands, things are looking up for Tracey. Not to mention the dress sizes she has shed in the meantime. But there is just one thing ... Why does she keep thinking she sees her ex-boyfriend Will all over New York? Follow Tracey as she works through her feelings for Will, questions her "friendly" relationship with Buckley and cheer for her as she embarks on a new relationship - with her boss' roommate! Joined once again by Raphael and Kate as her faithful friends, this story has more character than the first book in the series. Though I, at times, found the constant second-guessing of herself a little repetitive, it does exemplify the inner trouble women go through in the search for self-acceptance and love. (JE)

Slightly Engaged (2006)

Tracey Spadolini was let in on a little secret by her boyfriend Jack's mother - Jack has asked for the family diamond ring! This can only mean one thing - Jack is going to ask Tracey to marry him. But when? On the Sweetest Day? Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Year's Eve? As each day passes without a new sparkling diamond ring to show off to her friends, Tracey starts to think Jack doesn't want to marry her at all. Is this all she is ever going to have? A small apartment on the Upper East Side with a live-in boyfriend and a job where her promised promotion is still unfulfilled? Tracey is convinced there has to be more. In this third book in the series, Tracey commits to quitting smoking (for real this time!), reaches new heights in her relationship with Jack, and once again finds the confidence and trust within herself to take charge of her life and go after what she really wants - happiness. (JE)

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