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Liar's Guide to True Love (2011)

Cassandra Hanley is the ultimate wedding planner, who is able to make any bride's dream come true. No matter how demanding or way out these dreams are Cassandra does her utmost to ensure the brides' wishes are met on their special day. Why then does she have so much difficulty with her own love life? When Cassandra meets Nick, she discovers he isn't into all the 'wedding palaver' and so she takes on her friend Mia's persona as an up-and-coming advertising executive. This in itself causes a few problems when Nick realises he works just near Cassandra's supposed office. Meeting for a morning coffee has never been so complicated but Cassandra manages it, providing a few laughs for the reader in the process. Enter Cassandra's ex, Kevin, who she has never quite cast out of her life and things start to get really complicated. There's also Cassandra's mother who wants her to settle down, a group of friends who are at different stages of the dating game and her sister Emma, who is supposedly settled but wants more from life than a picket fence in suburbia complete with children. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have already recommended it to a friend who is about to get married as I know it will give her a giggle. (LM)

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