Weight Till Christmas, by Ruth Saberton, is a novella about a woman looking to impress at her work party. The summary says: "Cinder Ellie shall go to the ball. At least she will if she can squeeze into her party dress... Without a fairy godmother to wave a magic wand, Ellie Summers needs more than a pumpkin to impress her gorgeous boss. She works hard, not as a scullery maid but as a super sassy saleswoman, but he just doesn't notice her. Their company's lavish Christmas party is the opportunity Ellie's been waiting for to make a big impression. And she doesn't intend it to be winning the mince pie eating competition. With the help of fellow dieter Sam, a sleigh load of willpower and a sprinkling of Christmas magic, Ellie knows finding her Prince Charming is just a mistletoe kiss away. But is her prince really so charming? Or is Christmas romance closer than she thinks?"

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