Waiting on Forever - Ashley Wilcox (2013)

This second book in the Forever series takes us into the atmosphere of college life at SUNY Cortland where upon orientation we meet Matt Jacobs - a football jock who is here on a scholarship - and Leah Bennett - a photography major with only one thing on her mind, getting an education. Leah and Matt couldn't be more different but on that fateful day at orientation, the pair strike up a bond which leads to an online friendship via email and Facebook. Leah, though, doesn't want to be just another notch on the bedpost and is saving herself for the right one and thinks that Matt may very well be "just another jock". When Leah meets his friends Collin and Summer, her viewpoint of him changes. Has Leah finally found her Prince Charming and does the cliche "opposites do attract" actually ring bells with this couple? (PP)

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