Be With Me - J. Lynn (2014)

It's been a year since Jase kissed Teresa and there's been no contact since. He's her older brother Cam's best friend and for years she's had a crush on him. But since that kiss, things have changed, until one day Teresa finds herself face to face with Jase again and the old feelings come rushing back. Jase it seems, however, is only full of regret over letting things get that far, but then why does he seem to be always around for her now? Is something else stopping Jase from revealing his true feelings? As you'd expect from New Adult, there's suspense, twists and lots of romance but there's perhaps not as much uncertainty or doubt over the outcome of this novel as others in this genre. Nonetheless, the story, the second in the Wait for You series, is sweet and sincere. (JC)

Wait For You - J. Lynn (2013)

For the past five years, Avery has been living with the torment of a horrific experience in her past. Now 19 she decides to move thousands of miles away to college in the hope of leaving behind her old life and starting afresh. But when she inadvertently wins the affections of Cam Hamilton, she struggles to let him in, and constant emails and voice messages continue to dredge up the past. The romance in this novel was charming, and at times very passionate, with a very likeable hero in Cam. I liked the way the event in Avery's past is slowly revealed and although it's apparent what this is, the author purposefully works it in and in fact offers something slightly unexpected. Whilst I appreciated Avery's predicament, I did feel that she was sometimes a bit frustrating. However, I liked the essence of the story - of finding a love that is worth waiting for and worth fighting for. (JC)

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