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Third Time's a Charm (2010)

"You can always count on your sisters." This third book in the Christian Sister-to-Sister series focuses on the baby sister, Tori Sanderson. Tori has been given the opportunity of a lifetime in her job at an advertising firm - to become account executive at 24 would make her one of the youngest to ever be hired in that position. But there's only one position up for grabs - and she's been given a month to come up with a marketing plan for a new restaurant. It shouldn't be too hard but Tori has distractions - her sister Joan (from Stuck in The Middle) is about to get married to Ken "The Religious Nut" and Joan and Allie (from Age before Beauty) are trying to set her up with country bumpkin Ryan. When talk about fathers comes up, Tori decides to go searching for hers, which provides her with surprising results. Can Tori balance her career, family, love and of course her number one priorities - shopping and coffee - with everything happening around her? This is a heart-warming read about three sisters coming together in times of strife and happiness and providing us with the knowledge that no matter what we encounter - we can always count on our family to support us. (PP)

Age before Beauty (2009)

If you have ever been pregnant and had doubts about returning to work, you'll be able to relate to this story, the second book in the Sister-to-Sister series. Allie Harrod is a social worker by day and a brand-new mum by night. She is more than ready for a career change. When Allie is invited to a Vari Cose Party (similar to Avon or Tupperware) she decides on the spot to become a sales rep. This means she can be a stay-at-home mum but still contribute to the family's income. Of course Allie is discouraged by her family - I mean she even dropped out of the Girl Scouts for not selling enough cookies. But Allie is determined to rise to the occasion and prove to her family that she can make it. However all the daily challenges that Allie faces, such as her rising credit card balance, losing her baby fat, fitting back into her clothes and fearing her husband is slinking off to what may be an affair with a solo mum, are becoming too much. An enjoyable book combining motherhood, marriage, sisterhood and of course make-up and all those handy inventions like the Laundry Pen. (PP)

Stuck in the Middle (2008)

This is the book that started off the wonderful Sister-to-Sister series about three sisters. This story focuses on the middle sister Joan Sanderson who is stuck in a rut. Her older sister, Allie, is starting a family with husband Eric and her younger sister Tori has an advertising career, a wardrobe to die for and dates lining up around the corner for her. Whereas Joan is Miss Reliable and Boring and she jokes her mother should have named her Jane so that she could be Plain Jane. She lives with her mother and grandmother and has a job in a furniture store. Then a sexy doctor moves in next door and Joan decides to take a risk and try to score a date with him. But Tori also sets her eyes on him and it becames a battle of the sisters. But with a little help from God, Allie and an enormous mutt with bad manners, can Joan build up the courage to ask the doctor out? (PP)

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