Simple Perfection - Abbi Glines (2013)

In this sequel to Twisted Perfection, Woods Kerrington inherits his father's businesses and assets after his sudden death. Woods has all he wants in life, including Della. Though, Della still isn't strong enough to realise that to a guy like Woods she is "perfection", especially not with bitchy Angelina hanging around wanting Woods and everything he has. What I loved about Simple Perfection was the gun-toting scene that we read about in Forever Too Far featuring Blaire and Rush being played out in more detail. Simple Perfection tugs on your heartstrings as tragedies strike throughout the novel, tragedies that will lead to a number of people re-evaluating their life plans and what they really want in the future. (PP)

Twisted Perfection - Abbi Glines (2013)

Della Sloane is setting out to see the world, to experience life. If there's anyone who needs it, it's her. And Woods Kerrington is more than happy to help. He needs a distraction of his own to escape the fact that his father is pushing him into a marriage of convenience. After going their separate ways after one night of fun, Della and Woods unexpectedly find themselves thrown back together and despite their situations neither can deny the attraction. Twisted Perfection is Abbi Glines at her addictive best, with a read that is hard to put down. Unlike some New Adult books which can get bogged down in the mire of teen angst and drama, Glines combines the right amount of pain and passion and structures the book perfectly so that the tragedy is part of the story but doesn't overwhelm it, the focus very much instead on Della and Woods. This first book in the Perfection series is a really beautiful and inspiring love story that can't help but warm the hearts of readers. (JC)

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