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Southern Charm (2012)

Minty Davenport has always been fascinated by New York City. A Southern girl at heart, Minty wants nothing more than to make it on her own in the big city and lead a charmed life. However, upon moving to the Big Apple, Minty finds that she doesn't exactly fit in with the stick thin women, all dressed in plain colours and with extensive connections. In need of advice - and a friend - Minty reaches out to her sorority sister, who lives in New York and works for Saks. Luckily for Minty, her friend knows exactly who will hire her and with that one meeting, Minty is launched into a career at a PR firm and soon becomes a social butterfly. However, when the boy who stole her heart in Palm Beach many years ago reappears and asks her on a date, Minty is a bit thrown. On top of that, someone is making Minty a staple on Page Six - and not in a good way. Who would want Minty to fail at her new life in NYC? And is it worth it for her to try and save her reputation or should she just go home and try her luck down South where she fits right in? With a lot of insider knowledge, this novel is fun and frothy and totally addictive. Minty is a sweet Southern girl who wants to make a name for herself on her own, but fate just might have another plan for her and it might be a lot better than she ever could have expected. (AS)

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