The Vincent Boys - Abbi Glines (2011)

Ashton Gray has been friends with cousins Sawyer and Beau Vincent from childhood, but ever since Ashton started dating Sawyer three years ago, her friendship with Beau has waned. Now with Sawyer out of town, Ashton rekindles her relationship with Beau. But Beau is everything Sawyer is not - bad, dangerous and reckless, and for Ashton, a preacher's daughter and the town's golden girl, Beau is strictly persona non gratis. Yet Ashton is fed up with always having to be good and Beau reminds her of the fun she's missing out on and soon the two have moved beyond the bounds of friendship. When Sawyer returns, Ashton has some big decisions to make. Will she please everyone by staying with the solid, dependable Sawyer or will she risk it all for Beau? This is a really addictive read and marks the emergence of the "new adult" genre, which although focused on teenagers deals more explicitly with issues of sexuality and lust. At times this felt very much like a teenage read and I am not sure that it has the maturity or depth to succeed as a crossover novel, but the plot is compelling and intense, and ultimately the story is uplifting and beautiful. Certainly a worthy read for older teens. (JC)

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