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The Two Hearts of Eliza Bloom, by Beth Miller, is about a woman torn between her old identity and new life.
The summary says: "Meet Eliza Bloom: She likes to live life by the rules: long, blue skirt on Thursdays, dinner with mother on Fridays and if someone tells you a Valentine should be anonymous, give your new husband a blank card. Nothing is out of place in her ordered life...
But last night her teenage daughter found something in a hidden shoebox that no one was supposed to see and started asking questions. Questions that might just change everything in Eliza's carefully constructed world.
Join Eliza as she shows you how to run away with the love of your life (quite fast actually, as your family are coming after you), how to make your grandfather happy (this might involve a little bit of lying), how to let someone you love go (actually, this never gets easier) and how (now, this is a bad idea) to keep secrets from your new husband.
The only way to truly live is to learn how to open your heart." The Two Hearts of Eliza Bloom is out in March 2019.



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