The Twelve Days to Christmas - Michele Gorman (2012)

Hannah and Sam are back together after a rocky patch in their relationship, and in twelve days they are flying home to the US to spend Christmas with her family. She suspects that Sam is going to ask her to marry him, and she feels apprehensive at the prospect. She begins Operation Proposal, whereby she attempts to get him to propose before they board the plane to America, as she is unsure what her answer will be and is reluctant to find out with her parents present. As Christmas gets closer, Hannah realises that her own secrets are threatening their future, and she has a lot to learn about herself in the twelve days to Christmas. This novella wraps up the Single in the City series, and it was great to catch up with Hannah again. She is such a funny and relatable character, and in this book she has some tough decisions to make. Her disastrous love life is about to take a turn for the better, but in typical Hannah style she fears she is about to mess it up again. With some laugh-out-loud moments, and a great supporting cast of characters, this was the perfect end to the series. (LO)

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