The Real Thing - Cassie Mae (2014)

Mia, a social-media-addicted college student, has been best friends with Eric since high school. She's also been in love with him since high school, only he doesn't know it. It didn't matter to Mia that Eric was a bigger guy than most. She always thought he was wonderful. Her Eric. But with him dating another girl, there never was a good time to bring it up. Now that Eric is coming back from Samoa (where he's been living with family for the past three years) and is put in charge of looking after his mother's condo, he invites Mia to spend the summer with him. While Mia is busy tweeting and updating her Facebook about how excited she to see her best friend, Eric is sweating bullets and wondering how Mia is going to react to his new, muscular body. He's also wondering how he's going to tell his best friend that he's been in love with her for years. Sparks fly and a sweet romance blossoms between them, but their new love is tested by Mia's constantly pinging phone and Eric's hang-ups. Will Mia put down her phone and spend time with the real person in front of her? Will Eric overcome his insecurities? Is their love the real thing? AHHHHH! I absolutely loved this book. One of the sweetest love stories I've ever read. Eric is a wonderful character. Cassie Mae does a fantastic job of making the "fat, nice guy" into the most desirable, sensual characters I've ever read. I love that he struggles with his own anxiety and insecurities, and wanting to take things slow. So original, loved it. This is a total winner for me. (CK)

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