Ruth Saberton, aka Jessica Fox of The Hen Night Prophecies series, has acquired another pen name Georgie Carter to publish a romantic tale called The Perfect Christmas. She wrote it several years ago, under the title Married Men. The summary says: "If you're a wedding planner it's best not to have affairs with married men. This is one cardinal rule that Robyn always abides by. But then she meets Jonathan... After a delicious dalliance in the dance studio, Robyn and Jonathan fall truly, madly, deeply in love. Jonathan justifies his actions because his wife is a workaholic, while Robyn finds the glamour - free from any mundane concerns - thrilling. But then the pressure mounts up: the guilt; the lies; the strain of it all. With the festive season approaching, can Robyn make this the best holiday ever or will it be the nightmare before Christmas?" The Perfect Christmas is out in September.

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