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The Memory Shop, by Ella Griffin, reminds us about the most important things in life. The synopsis says: "Day-dreamer Nora has inherited all of her grandmother's worldly belongings that she remembers from her childhood - a feather shrug, a Tiffany mirror, a gold locket, and many more precious things besides.
Nora dreads seeing her beloved grandmother's possessions go but she's determined that item by item, memory by memory, she will find the perfect new owners.
When she opens The Memory Shop in the front of her grandmother's house, the community is gradually drawn inside by her stunning window displays. Nora begins transforming the lives of those around her through the objects she pairs them with. Soon Nora realises that by letting go of the past, she might start making space for new happiness in her future ..." The Memory Shop is out in October 2017.

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