The Edge of Always - J.A. Redmerski (2014)

In the short time they've been together, Camryn Bennett and Andrew Parrish have been through a lot. Things seem to be looking up as they are about to start a family and give up life on the road for a while. When tragedy strikes once again, Camryn retreats into herself but Andrew's determined to bring her back. It's time for another road trip. After the astonishing success of The Edge of Never, this sequel had a lot to live up to and the plot just wasn't there. The story moves about a lot and never really fully explores some of the crucial episodes in the novel, simply offering a sudden resolution and moving on to the next episode. Everything about the plot feels underdeveloped and insubstantial, and unlike the strong storyline that holds The Edge of Never together so well, the plot here just didn't have the same integrity or authenticity. Indeed, it's one of those stories in which simultaneously a lot happens but nothing really happens. I felt hugely indifferent towards the novel for most of the book and if it wasn't for the unarguably beautiful and touching relationship between Andrew and Camryn, I'm not sure there's enough in this book to sustain it. The message of the story - about how precious life is, making the most of life and not just settling for the everyday - is strong and the final chapters really brought this home but I didn't feel the sequel delivered anything new which was a huge shame after the brilliance of The Edge of Never. (JC)

The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski (2012)

At only twenty, Camryn Bennett has already lost the love of her life, her brother's in prison and her parents recently divorced. When her best friend falls out with her, she realises there's nothing keeping her in her home town and she decides to get out and experience more from life. So she hops on a bus and it is here she meets Andrew Parrish who is making his own significant journey. Andrew offers to go with Camryn on her road trip and to show her how to live but as the two grow closer, there's one final hurdle that threatens to separate them forever. This is an intense, beautiful and original story with a final twist that knocks you over and makes you race through the last chapters to see how things pan out. This is a steamier read than a lot of the New Adult books and some of the issues of domination and submissiveness felt a bit as if they were included more to keep on trend rather than adding to the story. But the story itself is one that will pull you in and have you smiling and fighting back the tears. (JC)

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