The Darkest Joy - Marata Eros

After tragedy destroys everything Brooke Starr holds dear, she turns her back on the past and flees to Alaska to make a new start. But starting over isn't easy and without anything to keep her going it's all too simple to give up. Local fisherman Chance Taylor usually steers clear of affairs of the heart but there's something in Brooke that gets him hooked. Though whether he can help Brooke find joy in the darkness of her life he's not sure. And it seems the darkness hasn't quite finished with Brooke. Despite the New Adult tenor of this novel, there's also a sort of murder-mystery element running throughout that makes for a somewhat unexpected experience. Personally whilst I thought the prologue was great in setting up the tragic backstory, I felt that it would have been sufficient to leave things there. Brooke and Chance could have gone on the same journey regardless, but the murder mystery certainly makes for a different read. (JC)

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