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Goodnight Tweetheart (2010)

Abigail Donovan has a lot on her mind. Her first and most important priority is getting herself back in writing form so that she can have another national bestseller. However, she's got a bad case of writing block that comes from having Oprah's stamp of approval on her first novel. Something that big happening with your debut novel is sure to make any author feel intimidated. Now, she is stuck on chapter five and going nowhere fast. After a disastrous attempt at a book signing - where no one showed up and Abigail found herself in a bunny costume reading to preschoolers - Abigail is at the end of her tether. Things seem at an all-time low until Abigail's publicist signs her up for Twitter, hoping that a following on the social networking site will increase her readership and also break her spell of writers block. Soon Abigail finds herself conversing via Twitter with a man named @MarkBanyard and they form an instant bond. He teaches her the ropes of Twitter and before she knows it she is feeling a little less blocked - in her writing and her personal life. Mark is a great influence and friend to Abigail and she feels like she should be out there living her life fearlessly like Mark. But is Mark all he seems or is he hiding something as well? Told mainly through tweets, this is a modern story of falling in love in the age of the internet and social networking. It's funny and witty but lacks that little bit of charm that a book needs to be really enjoyable. (AS)

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