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Synchronized Breathing (2013)

After a failed marriage, Scarlett decides to move in with her mom at the age of thirty-five, which is not "old" at all, unless you have a mom like CeCe. Scarlett is trying to navigate her way back into the real world and her mom's choices may not be the best ones for her, since it has not really worked for her mom so far .... I can't help but feel some, sad to say, pity for Scarlett having to deal with her mom, who doesn't seem to be operating with all her pistons, shall we say?? Scarlett has to, in spite of that, find a way to make a life for her and her young son, Oliver. This story is so funny and more of us, than we would like to admit, could relate to Scarlett's story of finding the happiness they hope that's out there waiting for them, in spite of the past they are trying to forget. It was a great read for sure! (KARM)

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