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Someone Else's Wedding (2013)

Fran is attending the wedding of Jamie, along with her husband Saul and their grown-up daughters Pip and Katy. Fran and Saul have been having difficulties in their relationship and the wedding offers its own very peculiar set of circumstances. The family have just got to get through the next thirty six hours ... but a lot can happen in that time. This is a hugely accomplished novel, intense and gripping from the start. It is a story full of dark secrets and untold mysteries and whilst some of these are uncomfortable, they serve to consistently challenge the reader, to shock, question and evaluate their responses. The structuring of the novel is compelling with chapters arranged by each of the thirty-six hours of the wedding and Cohen moves seamlessly between the present day and past memories to slowly unravel the story. The twists and turns are stunning. As for the characters, like the plot, they test the reader and evoke reaction both positive and negative. An intense and unsettling read, I'm not sure that you could want much more from a book. (JC)

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