Taking Chances - Molly McAdams (2012)

Harper is just starting college. All her life she has been home-schooled on a Marines base and now for the first time in her life, she is free to be herself. Once she arrives at her dorm, she immediately clicks with roommate Bree. It is at Bree's house where Harper meets the two guys that her heart will ache for - Chase and Brandon. Throughout the novel it is almost a competition to see who will win her heart. But when things start to become clear, Carter is introduced. He is her best friend from the Marines base who is also in love with her. When life-changing decisions occur, who will Harper rely and lean on? Taking Chances will definitely take you on a rollercoaster of raw emotions. After the experience I have had with From Ashes and now Taking Chances, I am adding Molly McAdams to my all-time favourite authors list. (PP)

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