Take a Chance - Abbi Glines (2014)

Harlow Manning has nine months to get through living with her poisonous step-sister Nan but she didn't bank on walking back into Grant Carter (introduced in Fallen Too Far) coming out of Nan's room. She knew Grant and Nan used to have a thing but when Harlow had hooked up with Grant three months ago, she'd thought all that was over and that Grant was now interested in her. But with no phone calls since and now finding Grant with Nan, it seems she was wrong. Grant, however, can't believe he's been such an idiot, ever since he got together with Harlow, he can't get her out of his mind and now she thinks he's back with Nan. He's determined not to ruin his chance though. Glines has an incredible knack for getting you interested in the characters in her sequels as much as the originals in a way that some New Adult novels just don't. However, there was just too much left unexplored and undeveloped in this one and any drama or tension in Grant and Harlow's relationship was too easily resolved. The twist in the final chapters adds some potential drama but the cliffhanger leaves this for the next novel. Decent enough but not Glines at her best. (JC)

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