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My Foolish Heart (2011)

Love can be a scary thing but not as scary as leaving the comfort of your own home, as Isadora knows. After a tragic accident, Issy decides the outside world is a horrible place and develops agoraphobia. In the privacy of her own home, she has everything she needs and her number one outlet is her radio show titled My Foolish Heart - a show about love and guys. But no one knows it's Issy dishing the love advice, particularly as she's not actually an expert on the subject in her own life. When her new next-door neighbour, Caleb, arrives in Deep Haven to coach the high school football team, Issy can't help but be attracted to him. But there are two problems though - he rubs her the wrong way and she is falling for one of her callers - BoyNextDoor. As Caleb tries to woo Issy, she tries to help BoyNextDoor woo his dream girl. What Issy doesn't realise is Caleb is the BoyNextDoor. This fourth book in the Deep Haven series is a novel for true romantics. (PP)

Licensed For Trouble (2010)

Wanting a nice light-hearted, wholesome mystery series that's like Nancy Drew for adults? PJ Sugar's nickname has always been NBT - Nothing But Trouble. Being adopted, she has always known that she is unlike the rest of the Sugar family and seemingly destined for trouble. Trouble like the private-eye-in-training being outwitted by a bail jumper and being photographed with handcuffs on. PJ Sugar has just been announced as the sole heiress to the Kellogg estate. The Kellogg and Sugar families have shared a dark secret for many years but now that Allegra Kellogg has passed away, it's about to come to light. The mansion needs major work though and PJ is kept busy working on a case to uncover her new handyman Max's roots (he has amnesia). She also is dealing with a bit of a love triangle with two guys - Detective Boone Buckam and PI Jeremy Kane - interested in her. This third book in the PJ Sugar series is a fun mystery novel filled with investigating antics, family issues and relationship dilemmas as PJ tries desperately to stay out of mischief. (PP)

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