Stripped - C.A. Harms (2013)

Life hasn't been easy for Kylie as she fell pregnant young, dropped out of high school and then got married. When their daughter Emma is five months old, Brad leaves and never comes back. If it wasn't for letters, she would have thought something bad might have happened to him. Broke and almost homeless, Kylie turns to the one thing that she knows can provide good money for her and Emma to live on - stripping. Though she feels dirty and cheap - she knows that this is all for her daughter. Waitress by day, stripper by night becomes Kylie's life. Kylie meets a client who eventually turns out to be her Prince Charming. But then one year later, Brad waltzes back into Kylie's life expecting to pick up where they left off. Now Kylie must decide whether to go back to her husband or to move forward and create a new life with Evan? Stripped was a good read but the only thing that really annoyed me was that the characters got angry far too easily and flew off the handle - there was no middle ground and lots of back and forthing between Kylie, Brad, Evan and Evan's old flame, Alexis. By the end of it I was thinking Kylie - choose one already, Alexis - run away as you are not wanted, Brad - grow up and leave Kylie alone, Evan - grow some balls and everyone - don't throw a tantrum every time you don't get your own way. (PP)

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