Slammed - Colleen Hoover (2012)

Eighteen-year-old Layken (Lake) has just moved with her mum Julia and brother Kel from Texas to Michigan. Will is her hunky next-door neighbour who lives with his brother Caulder. Lake and Will spend an awesome three days together then she starts school only to discover that the guy she is falling in love with is her English teacher - total Aria and Ezra Fitz (Pretty Little Liars) moment here. The pair have to fight their attraction but no matter what happens their love can't keep them apart. But soon Lake's life will be flipped upside down as she learns a dark secret from her mother - will she be able to cope? The thing I loved about this book was that it wasn't just another soppy love story. Will teaches his class all about poetry and slamming and takes them as part of their class assignment to a Slam Night at a club and the students perform their works. This made me tear up as some of the poems read were amazing and heartfelt. Kel is also a great character as he comes up with the most awesome things and he really did make me smile and remind me of my own brother. Lake and Will's story continues in sequels Point of Retreat and This Girl. (PP)

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